A Brass Tribute to Mining (Part One)


With the closure today (18.12.2015) of Kellingley Colliery heavy industry, and a working-class way of life, finally drew to a close in the North of England. Thoresby Colliery (also closed in 2015) had their own youth band  and the text on the bandroom door reflects the cross work/leisure ethos that could be found in many industrial brass bands of the Victorian era. This just is not the end of an industry. It is the end of a musical icon. Brass bands will, of course, continue, but the name of a software sponsoring company does not have the same image  or strength of tradition. The text reads:

On Arrival: Greet your colleague then smile at him. Praise him, shake his hand. Continually praise your colleague through the shift. Smile at him, hug him, pat him on the back. Now of the new work community; respect each other. Your colleague is your friend.

I’ll write more about all this anon, but for now….reflect on that text on the band’s door.



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